The War Z Taken Offline After Security Breach

The Zombie survival MMO The War Z has been taken offline after an unknown hacker mucked about in the game's database and compromised personal player data, according to a message from publisher OP Productions. The message, which appears when you try to go to the War Z forums tells players that the game has been taken down and that the hack is being investigated. The publisher also says that those who might have been affected by the hack have been informed.

According to OP, data that has been compromised includes player email addresses used for the forum login, forum passwords, email addresses used for game login, game passwords, in-game character names, player IP addresses and any other personal information players posted on the War Z forums. No payment information has been compromised.

OP advises all players to change their War Z passwords immediately.

"The security of your data is important to us and we want our players to be assured that we take this situation very seriously," the post reads. "We have taken steps to improve security to minimize the chance of this happening in the future and will continue to invest in improving security going forward."

"This has been a humbling experience for us. While we all know that there is no guaranty of security on the internet, our goal is to try our very best to protect your data. We sincerely apologize."

Source: Eurogamer



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