Sega Europe Admits Aliens: Colonial Marines Video Misleading

Sega has finally admitted that the trailers for Aliens: Colonial Marines that were deployed before the game was released to promote it were misleading. Sega Europe has gone so far as to say that it plans to put disclaimers on all of the trailers in the United Kingdom because they do not reflect final game. The company did not say if similar disclaimers will be implemented in North America or other regions.

This admission and the company's remedy to it came following meetings between Sega and the UK's Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). Those conversations were initially caused by a Reddit user going by nickname subpardave, who filed a complaint with the ASA regarding the "absurd" differences between in-game footage and footage used in trailers to promote Aliens: Colonial Marines. Subpardave published a letter he received from the ASA in response to his complaint. A portion of it reads:

"We contacted Sega Europe to discuss this issue. They explained that their online trailers used demo footage, created using the in-game engine. Sega Europe understood the objections raised about the quality of the game in relation to the trailers, but explained that they weren't aware of these issues when the trailers were produced, in some cases several months before release."

"Sega Europe acknowledged your objection that the trailers did not accurately reflect the final content of the game. They agreed to add a disclaimer, both on their website and in all relevant YouTube videos, which explains that the trailers depict footage of the demo versions of the game. The disclaimer will be visible when each online trailer is played."

The ASA said that those who view trailers for the game "will clearly understand" that they are not representative of the final product and therefore aren't "likely to materially mislead the public."

Source: Eurogamer


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