Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between Men and Women

April 4, 2013 -

According to data from the 2012 Game Developer Salary Survey (which was published in the March issue of Game Developer Magazine) the number of women working in the games industry is growing, but salary gap between the sexes is still apparent.

According to the data women only had higher salaries in one of seven categories: programming and engineering, but programming and engineering also has the smallest number of women working in those professions at four percent. Women were also hard to find in the audio sector of the industry at around four percent.

The survey also found that 23 percent of women were producers - up seven percent from the 2011 survey of the industry. The average salary for a female producer came in at $78,989, while men earned an average salary of $85,591.

The most common fields where women are working in the games industry? Art and animation topped the survey at 16 percent, while game designers came in at 11 percent.

You can read the full results at Game Developers Magazine.

Source: Polygon

(Game developer Brenda Romero pictured to your left.)


Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

Nevermind I misread it


"Paste superficially profound, but utterly meaningless quotation here."

Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

Hmmm. Some interesting stats there. I would love to see that broken down further by length of time in the industry. How would it change if you only compared female artists in the 3-6 year range to male artists in the 3-6 year range? I would think that if the majority of artists in the 6+ range are male, it would skew the average up for male artists. 

Just a thought, something that wasn't shown in the report. I may have to suggest that for next year's survey.

Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

I can not speak to this specific report, but generally when wage gaps are looked at they control for such things, so it is usually same job, same age, same years of experience, etc.  So if the same basic results were being found in our industry as other industries, it would not surprise me.

A lot of the sexism denial mythology that is out there assumes that such things are not being corrected for, which is a recurring headache.

Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

The report just averages all wages. As far as I can tell, the averages are not controlled for position nor length of employment. So I would like to see some of that broken down.

Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

Is there a place where more details are posted?

The only details I could find, it looks like the summaries were simple averages, but actual salary data was indeed collected across experience brackets, so it probably depends on where the author pulled their conclusion from, which is not specified in the polygon piece.

Though even if it is the case that salaries within experience brackets are even between males and females, there is the question of why there is a larger percentage of females in the lower brackets then higher ones, or more specifically the industry problem of asymetric attrition.

Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

I believe the most detail is found in the Game Developer Magazine feature, which is where I pulled my observations from. They had three sets of breakdowns.

The first was the average salary across a combination of experience and position. So we had <3 years as a programmer, 3-6 years as either a programmer or lead programmer, and >6 years as either a programmer, lead program or technical director. Each position had an average for each experience level.

The next was just a breakdown by experience, no other factors taken into consideration.

The final was the average salary of males in the field and the average salary of females in the field.

I am sure they have the data that I would like to see and if they were willing to publish the raw data others could look it over and pull that information out. As it stands, you either have to use what they gave you or nothing at all.

Re: Game Developer Salary Survey Shows Salary Gap Between ...

Ah. Gamasutra answered my question this evening. Basically, the sample size was too small to pull any real salary to experience averages for males vs females. Basically, not enough women responded or not enough work in the industry overall to pull any meaningful data outside averages overall.

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