Sega Studios Australia Closing Later this Year

Sega has confirmed with Kotaku that it plans to close its Brisbane-based development studio later this year. Sega said that it would close Sega Studios Australia later this year, but gave no particular reason for shutting down the operation.

The publisher says it will shut down Sega Studios Australia later this year; no rationale provided.

Sega Studios Australia was established in 2002 as a division of Total War series developer Creative Assembly. It created such games as Medieval II: Total War, the game's Kingdoms expansion, and Stormrise. Sega renamed the studio in May 2011. The most recent game it produced was London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.

How many employees were laid off from the studio was not revealed as of this writing. Last year Sega trimmed the studio's number of employees down, shedding 37 jobs.

Source: Kotaku



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