The Catnip Bundle Offers Ten Games For Cheap

The Catnip Bundle has launched over at Bundle Stars offering PC players 10 instantly downloadable PC games for whatever price they want. The highlighted title in the Catnip Bundle is Pushcat, an arcade game from indie studio Zut Games. Other titles include Metal Drift, Obulis, Avencast: Rise of the Mage, Post Mortem, Wasteland Angel, Chains, Nikopol, and two mystery titles.

If you pay more than $1, you get Push Cat for Mac and Windows aand Metal Drift for Windows. Paying a little more than $5 will get you those two games and Post Mortem, Obulis, Avencast, Nikopol, Wasteland Angels, chains and the two mystery titles to be announced later. Some of the games come with codes for Steam and Desura, and some are DRM free. To learn more about those details, check out

The bundle is only available at this spectacularly low price until April 26.

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