The Consumerist Responds to Peter Moore

EA COO Peter Moore may have wanted to defend his company in the wake of possibly winning The Consumerist Worst Company of 2013 award, but his defense of the company's practices and his contention that conservative groups are doing most of the voting does not sit well with the site. In this retort The Consumerist practically laughs at the idea that homophobes and conservatives defending traditional marriage are at the heart of them trouncing every competitor in the tournament. In fact, the publication says that they have no large influx of traffic from any web site that they would consider "political."

Sadly while Moore is making excuses and blaming various groups it looks like his company is going to beat Ticket Master and go onto the finals this week anyways.

Ultimately The Consumerist says that these awards are to get the attention of companies that offer bad service so they can mend fences with customers. Given Moore's reaction on Friday, EA doesn't think it's doing anything wrong.


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    silversnowfox says:

    Exactly.  EA is a target because its entertainment.  EA's products are nonessentials, that people choose to spend money on.  Not to mention that their products are what people turn to when they want to relieve stress caused by all of the above.  As a result… you make yourself the target.  People don't play EA's games as a job.  They choose to play them, and when you make that choice stressful, you become the outlet. 

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    Hevach says:

    It's not conservatives leading the voting, it's angry gamers.

    You've angered customers to the point where they vote for you, even if it's against companies like the banks that committed the largest fraud on the court in our nation's history by foreclosing tens thousands of homes that were mortgaged through other banks or not at all. Or Applebees, which has at multiple locations actively punished employees for being victims of violent attacks from coworkers or every kind of personal professional and violent abuse from customers, while rewarding the perpetrators. Or AT&T and Sprint, both of which still participate in the illegal process of phone slamming, among other things. Against actual, literal scams, even, they still vote for you.


    Yeah, maybe you don't deserve it. Maybe the companies you're getting voted over who've committed actual financial fraud on massive scales deserve the title way more than you. Maybe the people who see the choice between a company that illegally steals people's homes and a company that has caused them personal inconvenience are petty, self centered, terrible people for choosing you.

    Maybe. But you still caused that inconvenience. You still caused that annoyance. And you still answered the people you angered with abuse and belittlement. They're voting for you because you did those things to them, not because they're advancing a political agenda.

    You earned it, even if you didn't deserve it. And I think that's pretty fitting.

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    Imautobot says:

    After the whole Applebee's debacle you'd think these corporations would realize that the best way to help their cause is to NOT try to defuse it.  They only make it worse.

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    GrimCW says:

    Tis sad they're trying to drag politics even into this.. then again EA is trying to use exactly that to push its own products and the like. I do give them many props for their support of the LGBT communities, but that is not why they're hated.

    Its bs moves like microtransactions in full price games and the intent to continue including them. I merely hope they stay blank and near useless, and don't go full on like iOS games where they charge for the game then charge to finish it. This is something people feared when the mini pack DLC came to be. Where they'll sell you half a game at full price, and then sell you the later parts bit by bit.

    Or their insistance that always on DRM helps a primarily SINGLE player based game, a game that hasn't ever needed a multiplayer. While a nice addition, forcing it is terrible, then insisting its necessary for the game to function despite its proven not…. well..

    even Ubi's 95% of PC players are all pirates can't compare to some of this stuff. It all sounds surreal its so bogus, but its all true..

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    Conster says:

    Virtual Shackles decided to weigh in as well. Accompanying the comic is this description:

    So EA is a finalist in the Worst Company in America Competition, and last years winner. Where this story goes from sad to hilarious is EA's response. Above are about half of the fallacies, I ran out of room to put all of them in the comic.

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    Ever since I first saw Moore back when he was at Sega the first thing that comes to mind when seeing the man is that he looks like he could be the Devil.

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