The Consumerist Responds to Peter Moore

EA COO Peter Moore may have wanted to defend his company in the wake of possibly winning The Consumerist Worst Company of 2013 award, but his defense of the company's practices and his contention that conservative groups are doing most of the voting does not sit well with the site. In this retort The Consumerist practically laughs at the idea that homophobes and conservatives defending traditional marriage are at the heart of them trouncing every competitor in the tournament. In fact, the publication says that they have no large influx of traffic from any web site that they would consider "political."

Sadly while Moore is making excuses and blaming various groups it looks like his company is going to beat Ticket Master and go onto the finals this week anyways.

Ultimately The Consumerist says that these awards are to get the attention of companies that offer bad service so they can mend fences with customers. Given Moore's reaction on Friday, EA doesn't think it's doing anything wrong.


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