Lodsys Adds Four Companies to Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Lodsys, a company that seems to specialize only in filing patent infringement lawsuits, has added a number of new video game industry targets in the mobile games space. According to Ars Technica, Gameloft, Gamevil, BackFlip Studios, Pocket Gems and The Walt Disney Company are now named defendants for violating a patent the company holds related to technology used for in-app purchasing. Lodsys has a made a name for itself among the video game industry for suing some pretty big players in the space; in June of 2011 it started laying the legal groundwork to sue seven developers who do business on Apple's App Store, then it moved on to sue the likes of Electronic Arts, Rovio, Take-Two Interactive, Atari, and Square Enix.

While some of those companies are fighting the patent infringement claims, court documents show that Take Two, Atari and Square Enix have all settled out of court with Lodsys. Apple got involved in the case as a friend to defendants after game developers urged them to defend them. Nonetheless this has not stopped Lodsys from moving forward, nor has it saved any of the defendants in the case any money in legal fees.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops. Given the nature of the patent it's hard to see Lodsys winning in court – or at the very least surviving an appeal of a victory in the EAST Texas District court where it is filing all of its lawsuits.

Source: GII

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