EA Trounces Bank of America in 2013 Worst Company in America Finals

It looks like Electronic Arts has delivered a lethal blow to Bank of America in the grand finale of the Consumerist's 2013 Worst Company in America tournament. EA slaughtered Ticketmaster earlier in the week to get to the finals. It garnered 78.89 percent of the vote, compared to Ticketmaster's 21.11 percent in that battle.

Bank of America took a similar beating at the hands of EA: EA took in 77.5 percent of the vote compared to Bank of America's 22.4 percent.

Ironically the Bank of America final fight against EA was a rematch of last year's contest. No one expected EA to win then, but it just goes to show you how mainstream EA really is these days. It also shows that an award generally meant to shame corporations into treating their customers better seems to have had no affect on either company.

You can see the results here. After winning this award for the second year in a row maybe it is time for EA to stop letting people like its COO Peter Moore make excuses and start being a little more consumer friendly. Instead of saying "we can do better," it's time for EA to pay attention to what consumers are complaining about and just stop doing those things…


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