EA Trounces Bank of America in 2013 Worst Company in America Finals

It looks like Electronic Arts has delivered a lethal blow to Bank of America in the grand finale of the Consumerist's 2013 Worst Company in America tournament. EA slaughtered Ticketmaster earlier in the week to get to the finals. It garnered 78.89 percent of the vote, compared to Ticketmaster's 21.11 percent in that battle.

Bank of America took a similar beating at the hands of EA: EA took in 77.5 percent of the vote compared to Bank of America's 22.4 percent.

Ironically the Bank of America final fight against EA was a rematch of last year's contest. No one expected EA to win then, but it just goes to show you how mainstream EA really is these days. It also shows that an award generally meant to shame corporations into treating their customers better seems to have had no affect on either company.

You can see the results here. After winning this award for the second year in a row maybe it is time for EA to stop letting people like its COO Peter Moore make excuses and start being a little more consumer friendly. Instead of saying "we can do better," it's time for EA to pay attention to what consumers are complaining about and just stop doing those things…


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    Kojiro says:

    I'm also wondering why ABInBev was even in the list.  Making cheap shitty beer doesn't make you a bad company.  If it was expensive shitty beer with extra carcinogens packed in there and a monopoly on the market, then maybe.  But it's not.

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    black manta says:

    Not surprised by this, since we all knew it was coming.  The sad part is, they will probably learn nothing from this any more than they did the first time they were awarded.

    On a side note, I wish the Consumerist had included Cartoon Network on their list.  True, they're not exactly a corporation.  But they've made a lot of questionable, if not bad, decisions lately.  They've been cancelling a lot of great shows like Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice and ThunderCats.  Meanwhile they give shows like The Annoying Orange another season.  Needless to say, a lot of fans have had good reason to be angry with them.

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    Hevach says:

    Well, consider the number of people who feel wronged by both companies.

    Bank of America's biggest crime against consumers (fraudulent foreclosures) only affected a few tens of thousands of people, mostly the elderly and landlords, and did so several years ago. Their more prevalent crimes (illegal fees and delaying deposits) did affect millions of people, but almost none of them realized they were being wronged, most have been reimbursed in the settlement last year, and court mandated procedure changes are in place.

    EA inconvenienced and insulted a couple hundred thousand people within the last month, and several hundred thousand more in the last year. There has been no restitution and no change in policy, only an assurance that the inconvenience will continue.

    When you're soliciting public outcry, two things make for louder outcry: Recent wrongdoing (which EA wins gloriously by the timing of this poll right after another PR debacle), and unanswered concerns (BoA may have had answers forced on it by a court, but in some ways those answers are more satisfying than a company's own reassurances).

    As I said in the last thread: Maybe they didn't deserve it, but they certainly earned it.

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    grenaid says:

    It depends on purpose.  People understand that banks are in the money business.  You are making a deal with the devil to some extant when you work with them, and expect some amount of being screwed.  Yes, BoA did tremendous harm.  Much more than EA.

    But EA is in the fun business.  It's fine to make money being in the fun business.  But I think people are reacting so strongly to EA because they have fallen farthest from what they should ideally be.  When they are completely and consistently deaf to what people actually want to see them address, its pretty clear they moved beyond even a "service."

    In other words, we expect to earn a bank's favor, and are sometimes let down.  But we expect a game company to earn ours, and EA doesn't seem to care about pleasing its audience.  It could also be argued that its short term DLC centric approach to sales instead of building customer loyalty is the reason they spent four out of the last five years hemorrhaging money.  They aren't even very good as a "company that makes money," which is the excuse behind burning so much of their rep with fans.

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    DorkmasterFlek says:

    Yes, but the people who have had their lives ruined by BoA probably aren't on the Internet voting for this.  They're probably too busy trying to rebuild their lives.  This really isn't a vote for the worst company in America.  It's a vote for the most hated company on the Internet, and gamers are all over it.

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    GiffTor says:

    I'm bothered by this since Bank of America actually ruins people's lives and EA just ruins people's Saturday nights by having server issues on Sim City. I know people are pissed and I know EA waters down awesome series by buying their studios out and I know I haven't really loved an EA game that wasn't produced by BioWare since I don't know when and I know Activision is similarly huge but turns out great games…but come on. It's a video game company and it wins against a company that actually screws people's lives? I can't buy into that. Way to be, reddit/s/simcity

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    Sleaker says:

    Not sure what's wrong with being a multinational alcooholic beverage and brewing company….  Is it bad that I brew in my apartment? is alcohol a bad thing or something, cause it seems like you're trying to make that connotation by listing the company with the others on that list simply by explaining that it's a brewing company… Oh noh!

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    Papa Midnight says:

    I'm not sure what it says, but it certainly says something when a video game publisher / developer (specifically) defeats:

    • What is quite possibly the largest bank in America
    • A ticketing agency which has monopolized the market
    • An ISP which functions as a monopoly in several regions
    • Asocial network service which has compromised the privacy of it's users with a smile on multiple occasions
    • A multinational alcoholic beverage and brewing corporation.

    It says even more when it soundly defeated all of them with no uncertainty in landslides, and for the second consecutive year in a row.

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    Craig R. says:

    And EA isn't close to being the most hated company on the Internet, either.

    All this is is gamers stuffing the ballot box and making themselves look like tools in the process.

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