Game Developer Magazine Publishing Last Issue in July

UBM Tech announced that it will print the last issue of Game Developer Magazine in July, shutting down the publication dedicated to game developers of all stripes after a 19 year run. The parent company of the magazine and website Gamasutra did not disclose what will become of the magazine's staff at this point, though we do know that contributor Brandon Sheffield is out, as is Gamasutra news editor Frank Cifaldi.

The digital editions of the magazine will also be discontinued. UMB Tech will begin contacting existing paid subscribers in the next few days and be offered either refunds or a chance to use their remaining subscriptions for other services it provides.

Game Developer Magazine will join such print publications as GamePro, PSM3, Xbox World, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and Nintendo Power that have ceased publication in the last couple of years.

We wish all those affected the best of luck and hope they find employment as soon as possible.

Source: GameSpot


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