South Korean League of Legends Players Frustrated over Server Instability and Down-Time

South Korean gamers are getting upset that servers for Riot Games' League of Legends in the country have spent more time under maintenance or facing downtime in the last month than being operational.

According to this Kotaku report, March saw LoL servers down for a good portion of the month (12 days in total), and April isn't shaping up to be much better. Servers for the game in South Korea have been down five out of the ten days of April due to server downtime, maintenance, emergency maintenance, and other technical problems. Here's a list from the South Korean League of Legends web site:

4/9 – unable to log in; server unavailable; website loading slowly; unable to recharge RP.

4/7 – server unstable; Riot force changes minimum number players in a room from one to two temporarily; game client download issue; unscheduled emergency maintenance for three hours.

4/6 – unable to log in; connection error at lobby; website loading slowly; unscheduled emergency maintenance for 90 mins.

4/5 – server unstable; web server crashing; unscheduled emergency maintenance for three hours.

4/4 – delayed log in; unable to log in again; delayed game loading, website loading slowly.

Fans love the game in South Korea but they are beginning to get sick of not being able to play it. Riot Games Korea says that there was a problem with the game's database and that some of the servers' instability issues were due to large numbers of players streaming in. Riot Games Korea said that it is determined to make the LoL servers stable again. Let's hope that they do before gamers who play the game in droves at net cafes throughout the country don't turn to something else to spend their time on… like DOTA 2.

Source: Kotaku


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