Reddit Co-Founder Calls on Google, Facebook, and Twitter to Oppose CISPA

In a new video promoting opposition to CISPA, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian calls Google to talk about whether the search giant supports the CISPA legislation. Ultimately he doesn't get to talk to the CEO of that company. His calls to the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook bring similar results.

Ohanian is directing internet users to this petition page, which notes that "CISPA is a bill that would make every privacy policy on the web a total joke." The petition page contends that if companies truly are for users' rights and for privacy, then they will have no problem publicly saying so.

You can watch the video to your left, and you can also let your elected representatives in Congress know that you don't like CISPA, and you do not want them supporting it when it comes to the floor next week through the ECA's advocacy campaign.

If you'd like to let your elected representative in Congress know that you don't like CISPA, you can do so through the Entertainment Consumers Association's advocacy campaign.

[GamePolitics is an ECA publication.]

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