Report: Adam Orth No Longer Working With Microsoft

The Microsoft employee whose glib response (in a series of tweets to a developer friend) to the rumor that the company's next-generation console might require users to be connected to the Internet all the time has lost his job, according to Game Informer. Microsoft creative director Adam Orth is no longer with the company says a source within the company and calls by Game Informer to Microsoft further confirm his exit from the Xbox 360 developer.

Orth stirred up some controversy (and inadvertently saw himself become part of an Internet meme) after several comments on Twitter about how there was nothing wrong with "always on." He also said that people who don't have Internet should "get with the times," and talked about how he wouldn't want to live in a rural area like Janesville, Wisconsin. Most of these comments were made in a conversation with BioWare developer Manveer Heir, who Orth considers a friend.

Still, the Internet at large didn't like his comments, and the fervor over them ultimately led to Microsoft apologizing for Orth's very public comments. Orth later disabled his Twitter account and took down his LinkedIn profile.

Microsoft did not confirm or deny that the next Xbox console would have an always online requirement.

Microsoft also did not confirm that Orth no longer worked for the company as of this writing. Another rumor surfacing this week suggests that the console will be revealed more at a press event May 2.

We'll have more on this story as it develops. Thanks to everyone in the Shoutbox who pointed out this story on various sites.

Source: Game Informer



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    Longjocks says:

    The guy got the feedback he deserved. This is the wonderful thing about the Internet – say stupid shit and you're called on it by someone. Then you need to back it up or turn away. But I'm sick and tired of seeing people lose their jobs over their own personal points of view – no matter how stupid – or some silly joke.

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    Honestly, losing your job in these types of scenarios is almost like a modern-day execution the likes you'd get in the dark ages: The people want blood, and since we can't go around murdering everyone with an opinion, publicly lambasting them and ruining their reputation is the "modern" way to go!

    Opinions: Great to have, not to share. Because everyone will throw you under the axe if you do.

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