Summer Course Uses ShootMania Storm to Teach Game Design

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused program iD Tech Camps today announced that it will be holding classes this summer that teach pre-teens between the ages of 10 – 12 how to design a first-person shooter game using Nadeo's recently-released ShootMania Storm.

The FPS Game Design course is a partnership between Ubisoft and iD Tech Camps and focuses on teaching young adults how to do things like modifying and building game levels, messing with objectives and changing landscapes. It also fosters interpersonal skills through playing multiplayer modes and sharing their tips and techniques with fellow campers.

Organizers of the program assure parents and others concerned about using a shooting game to teach kids about design philosophies that the game is age appropriate because "the violence typically associated with FPS games" will be absent in the week-long course.

"As far as games go, ShootMania strikes a balance between what kids and parents want — it's fun for kids and teens, but it doesn't cross a certain line," said Pete Ingram-Cauchi, president and CEO of iD Tech Camps. "And that's important to a lot of people, including me. It also teaches a set of skills that can be applied as building blocks for a potential future in STEM."

You can learn more about the program here.

Source: Polygon

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