Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 47

Episode 47 of the Super Podcast Action Committee is finally available after a rocky start to the week for Andrew and EZK, who both are apparently very sick. Nevertheless, they tough it out to catch up on the last two polls (one about dying Xbox 360s and another about punishing politicians for creating unconstitutional laws) and take some time to give EA kudos for winning the Worst Company in America award for a second year in a row. Will 2014 make the third time the charm? Stay tuned! Download Episode 47 now: SuperPAC Episode 47 (1 hour, 16 minutes) 69.6 MB.

Programming note: due to this week's show being published so late in the week (we are sorry we made you wait so long!) we will not be recording an episode this coming weekend. The next episode (barring any further calamites or illnesses) will go live on Monday, April 22.

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