Comments About College Campus Shooting in Jagex Game Lead to One Man's Arrest

April 12, 2013 -

An 18-year-old Oxford man (Thomas Frongillo) has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. He was released on $50,000 bail after his arraignment in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield. Frongillo who is studying criminal justice at Anna Maria and is currently in the police academy there. Assistant District Attorney Michael Luzzo said that Frongillo was playing an online game through Jagex (we assume RuneScape) when he allegedly types, "I'm shooting up my school tomorrow" - adding that he knew how to use guns.

Jagex caught wind of the comment and alerted Oxford police early Thursday morning. They told Paxton police, who patrol the college campus. Paxton police called Frongillo early Thursday morning and told him he would not be allowed on campus and then later that morning he was arrested and charged with threatening to commit a crime and threatening a bombing or hijacking.

A transcript from Frongillo's in-game conversation provided by Jagex shows he also made anti-Semitic comments after he drew a “Nazi symbol” in the game. Allegedly one player told him that he was a "Jew killer," to which he responded, "If only."

During his arraignment, attorney Michael J. Reno said that his client planned to be a police officer and that his words in the game were "a harmless jest," adding that he never intended to carry out an attack at the school. Judge David Locke ordered Frongillo to stay away from the college campus. He was also ordered to surrender his Firearms Identification Card and any other guns he might have.

Oxford police searched where Frongillo lives (with his parents) and removed several legally owned guns that belong to his father.

He is due back in court on April 19.

Source: Telegram


Re: Comments About College Campus Shooting in Jagex Game ...

The nannies are coming for you, they brought the thought police.....


If I talk about striking you many times with lighting will I get in trouble? Since ya know getting hit by hit is much more frequent than being shot in school at any age....

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Comments About College Campus Shooting in Jagex Game ...

♫ He had it coming ♪ he had it coming ♪ he only had himself to blame ♫

Re: Comments About College Campus Shooting in Jagex Game ...

Sounds like just the kind of fine, upstanding citizen we want to fill the ranks of our police force with...  >.>

Re: Comments About College Campus Shooting in Jagex Game ...

Heh.  I hope these thumbs-ups are from people who realized how sarcastic I was being...  ;)

Re: Comments About College Campus Shooting in Jagex Game ...

Mine was, at least...

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