Notch Tops Time Magazine’s 2013 Time 100 Poll

Just how influential and popular is Minecraft creator and Mojang co-founder Markus "Notch" Persson? Well he is apparently the second most influential person in the world right behind Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Time Magazine's 2013 Time 100 Poll. Voting for the poll ends today, with the final list to be chosen by Time editors and revealed on April 18.

As of this writing Persson garnered 148,687 "Absolutely" votes to 16,766 "No Way" selections. Morsi currently has 171,249 "Absolutely" votes and an even greater 219,928 "No Way" votes. Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who is publicly encouraging readers to vote for Notch, is in third place. Other names on the list include Peter Jackson, Pope Francis, German chancellor Angela Merkel, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and North Korean leader Kim Jong un. Persson is the only game developer on this list.

You can cast your vote here.

And on a related note, Microsoft's PlayXBLA site reveals that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has reached over one billion hours of gameplay from Xbox Live players. That's a pretty impressive milestone for any game, let alone an XBLA game.

Source: GameSpot


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