Report: Internet Cafe Stabbing Doesn’t Bother Patrons

According to Tech in Asia, on April 3rd, an 18-year-old walked into an internet cafe in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and stabbed an older gentleman to death with a watermelon knife in full view of the other patrons who, according to the news report, did little to nothing in response.

In fact, what's got this story making the rounds is the notion that a gamer was so indifferent to the crime that she continue playing video games even though she was close enough to have blood splattered on her.

I'm not sure that's the case though.

The crime was recorded on a security camera and you can see an edited version on this Shenzhen Satellite TV news report.  Unfortunately, it's zoomed in, edited to hell and almost impossible to see what's going on but it appears there was at least some commotion with people getting to their feet.

The allegedly blood-splattered gamer is in the upper right of the photo with the arrow pointing at her.  Is she playing a video game?  Who knows?  I don't read or speak the local language but Tech in Asia reports that eyewitnesses claimed that she "ignored the crime completely and continued to play games even through the crime happened so close to her that blood had splattered onto her clothes."

Source: Tech in Asia via The Escapist

Image Credit: The Escapist

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    Lisa Pham says:

    I'd say they would have all been too scared/terrified to look at or do anything to get involved…. I guess unless you knew exactly where this was, what that area is really like and all other details, then you can't really say why or what really went on there. And it doesn't say what the reactions were from those people after the whole thing/incident was over and there was no more danger.

    No matter what, the media would have made this a lot more than it was and missed out a lot of important details… the likely chance was they freaked out afterwards, but of course no one was going to mention that in the papers… there's no news in that (won't sell papers).

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    Thomas Riordan says:

    Watching the video it's pretty clear that the attack takes place over in the corner which isn't really visible to the people on the other side of the room where the "evil gamer" sits due to there being a barrier between the rows of computers. No one on that side of the room really reacts all that much and why would they? They can't really see what's going on and any sounds heard could easily be filtered out if you're focused on what you are doing. But of course this will be twisted into gamers are evil sociopaths who don't care when one of their own kind goes on a stabbing spree a few feet away.

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