UKIE: We Will Assist OFT in Free-to-Play Investigation

April 12, 2013 -

Responding to news that the UK regulatory agency the Office of Fair Trading is investigating free-to-play game practices, the UK video games trade body UKIE issued a statement saying that it would assist the OFT in find the truth.

The OFT announced that it would investigate how companies offer in-app purchases in games and if they use strong marketing techniques against children.

“The games industry takes its responsibility to children very seriously and most devices and digital marketplaces have safeguards in place, such as password locks and parental controls, that can prevent children from being able to access in-app purchases,” UKIE CEO Jo Twist stated. "Consumers are now often able to download and play the latest games for free. In-app purchasing is simply a new and innovative way for consumers to pay for these games and access the extra content that they want."

"We will continue to do everything that we can to raise awareness of in-app purchasing and will be working with the OFT on providing a full response to their investigation," she added.

Source: MCV


Re: UKIE: We Will Assist OFT in Free-to-Play Investigation

It is really a great news for game lovers..I appreciate the new technology and central dogma of the gaming framework..It is flabbergast.

awesome games

Re: UKIE: We Will Assist OFT in Free-to-Play Investigation

I'm not so worried about the kids, but I'd love to see some regulation of chance-based items in in-game stores. You know the kind . . . Buy this Magical Special Box for a fiver for a shot at 5 crap items and a 0.5% chance of this SUPER VALUABLE RARE!

Unethical, shady, hate it. With such stringent laws for online gambling now, I'm surprised they haven't come crashing down on the practice already.

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