EA Lays Off Some Staff at Ireland Customer Service Center

Well that didn't take too long. Less than a year after Electronic Arts announced that it would open its customer service center in Galway, Ireland to handle customer services for various game properties in the region, the company has already started laying off staff. EA has been quietly cutting staff and reducing its workforce in the last week or so as part of a cost-cutting measure. According to The Journal EA has cut "less than 20 jobs," but the exact amount of employees let go is unknown at this time.

EA's Galway outfit is the company's operation to be hit by cuts; last Thursday confirmed that the cuts are meant to "streamline" its business in preparation for the upcoming console transition. Today the company announced the closure of three of its Facebook titles, but said that it would not publically comment on the status of employees at Playfish – the developer that operated them..

Last month EA CEO John Riccitiello left the company, saying that accountability was important. Riccitiello was the CEO of Electronic Arts (EA) from 2007 until his resignation last month.

Source: GameSpot

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