NJ Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Non-Existent 'Mature Rated' Public Arcade Games

April 15, 2013 -

New Jersey State Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Union) plans to introduce legislation to ban violent video games in public places. The Assemblywoman has proposed a law that would ban all "M" rated and "Adults Only" games from public places such as amusement parks, movie theaters, bowling allies, retail stories and other public places. It is a move similar to what the Massachusetts Department of Transportation did on its thruways earlier this year.

Unfortunately for the Assemblywoman, her bill won't have any affect on games that might be found in public places because what she is referring to are arcade machines, which aren't rated by the ESRB. So banning a game with such a rating is much like banning blue unicorns - neither exists in reality.

Those breaking this proposed law would face fines of up to $10,000 for a first offense and $20,000 each time after.

"Children today are exposed to violent images more than ever. Violent video games can desensitize children to violence and give them a warped version of reality where violence and death have no consequences outside their TV screens," Stender said in a press release.

Stender said violent video games alone do not cause violent behavior "but they can play a role."

Considering the amount of research she did on arcade machines, we don't really trust anything else she has to say about video games at this point.

Once again a politician creates a solution for a problem that does not exist...

Source: Kotaku by way of Cheater87


Re: NJ Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Non-Existent 'Mature ...

You got a problem with blue unicorns?!  angry

Re: NJ Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Non-Existent 'Mature ...

I'm not seeing anything in the article that singles out arcade machines- surely this would also affect any pay-to-play console service (eg like a LAN Cafe, because those are so prevalaent) or a demo pod in a store?


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