Poll Results: Microsoft’s Always-Online Xbox 360 Successor

Last week we asked readers "What will happen if Microsoft's next console requires internet connection start disc-based games?. The majority of the 821 votes cast went to it would be an "unmitigated sales disaster" for the company and its next-gen console, with second place going to "Microsoft would land in third place" in the next console cycle.

Around 32 percent (265 votes) voted for "Microsoft has enough money to stay in the game but it will be an unmitigated sales disaster." Around 29 percent (238 votes) went with "It’ll sell less than it would have otherwise but the Xbox brand ain’t going anywhere," while 20% went with "Such a move will all but guarantee Microsoft has the third-place console of that generation."

Twelve percent of the vote (98 votes) said that "The console will fail so hard Microsoft will have to join Sega on the console race sidelines," while six percent (52 votes) said that "It won’t make much, if any difference to the console’s sales."

Thanks to everyone that voted in last week's poll. We didn't discuss it this week on the Super Podcast Action Committee because there was no show recorded for this week. Look for a new poll tomorrow and thank you for participating!


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