ACLU Petition to President on CISPA Reaches 50K Signatures

The American Civil Liberties Union is calling its recent efforts to petition President Barack Obama to veto CISPA a smashing success, with 49,513 signatures so far. The civil liberties group also took out a full page ad on popular political website (found here) Politico yesterday urging members of Congress to oppose the controversial cybersecurity bill. The House is set to vote on CISPA as early as Wednesday, and after last week's secret House Intelligence Committee mark-up, CISPA's language remains a concern for privacy rights groups.

As the ACLU points out, the bill still contains murky language about what a cybersecurity threat is. They contend that the bill still allows companies to share your personal information (internet records, contents of your e-mails, and more) with military agencies like the National Security Agency, and that it fails to require companies to strip your personally identifiable information before sharing it with the government or with each other.

It also offers immunity to companies that share your data with the government when they have falsely labeled your activity as related to a cyber threat, it requires no court order to obtain information about internet users, and is generally too broad in its language, allowing for a lot of wiggle room for corporations and government agencies to do whatever it wants on the Internet.

Finally, it eliminates the need to adhere to any privacy laws if the information obtained is related to a "cyber threat."

If you would like to sign the ACLU's petition to the President, you can do so here.


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