EA NFL Game Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Payout Triples

Electronic Arts will have to give customers who spent money on an EA football game between 2005 and 2012 triple the amount of settlement money per game thanks to recent modifications to the $27 million settlement in a class action suit against Electronic Arts, according to a notice obtained by Polygon. Under the new terms, a consumer who bought an NFL game will now receive $20.37 per last-gen game on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Windows PC, up from $6.79. Current-gen games on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii will pay out $5.85 per game, up from $1.95.

Valid claims will be paid the amounts listed above once the claims administrator receives all of the claims and confirms that the settlement amount is sufficient. If it isn't (claims exceed $27 million), then claim amounts might be reduced on a pro rata basis. Any left over money will go to the government. The deadline to file a claim has been moved from March 15 to May 15, so if you missed that first deadline and have a valid claim, you still have a shot at filing it. The settlement modifications are the result of a low number of claimants is lower than was expected. Plaintiffs want to maximize the amount of money from the $27 million fund that will go to participants in the class action.

From the notice:

The Court modified the distribution plan to ensure that Settlement Class Members received as much money as possible from the settlement fund. The amount of money being returned to Settlement Class Members was less than expected because fewer than anticipated Settlement Class Members submitted claims prior to the original close of the claims period (i.e., prior to March 5, 2013), and Electronic Arts had fewer names and physical addresses for nonclaiming Settlement Class Members than the parties originally believed. The Court adjusted the distribution plan to provide for additional money to be returned to Settlement Class Members.

The Pecover v. Electronic Arts class-action monopoly lawsuit for EA's exclusive rights to make Madden, NCAA Football and Arena Football games, is the result of four years of litigation in the federal courts. EA agreed to pay $27 million into a settlement fund last July and the deal was ruled "fair" in October.

These changes do not affect the settlement agreement demands that EA not renew its exclusivity agreements with the Collegiate Licensing Co. Those agreements expire in 2014, and EA is barred from negotiating exclusive agreements with the CLC and National Collegiate Athletic Association for five years following.

Source: Polygon


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