GaymerX Answers Tough Westboro Baptist Church Questions about Games

Organizers of GaymerX – the upcoming gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBTQ culture – have taken a recent Westboro Baptist Church attack video (details here) and turned it into an advertisement for the event.

The WBC video is kind of amusing in that it asks a series of amusing questions about the sexuality of various video game characters. But instead of launching an attack at WBC, organizers of GaymerX decide to answer the WBC member's amusing questions. Those questions include:

– What color is Master Chief's Bathrobe? And does he wear his bathrobe in his barracks?

– Did Mrs. Pac Man leave Pac Man for the Pink Ghost? And is Pinky even female?

– Just how fabulous IS Sonic's jewelry and ring collection?

– Are Mario and Luigi brothers, or just "Bros"? GayBros, this is?

Watch the video to your left for the answers.

GaymerX takes place August 3 and 4 in San Francisco. You can learn more about it here. WBC plans to picket the event with signs (no doubt) explaining that "God hates ____."

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