Buy the Latest IndieGala Bundle, Support a Former Developer’s Political Campaign

The latest Indie Gala bundle offers a bunch of nifty games depending on what you're willing to pay – but the money will go towards "help rebuild Vancouver's game industry" by supporting a political candidate. Vancouver has been hit with a lot of layoffs at many of the region's biggest studios.

By paying more than one penny, consumers can grab Rebuild, Kill Fun Yeah, Shadowgrounds, Zombie Driver HD and secret title that will unlock next week. Paying more than the average price (which is nearing $6 at the moment) will get you Gimbal, Shank 2, Mass Effect 2, Zombie Driver HD DLC and the soundtrack and a second game to be unlocked next week.

The funds for this IndieGala will help former EA Black Box developer Matt Toner to run for election under the flag as a member of the provincial NDP party. He will be running on a platform of "reversing the exodus of creative and technical talent from Vancouver" and "rejuvenating the innovation-based industries in British Columbia."

Some of the money generated from these bundles will also go to Vancouver-based Launch Academy, which is a "local incubator that works with digital entrepreneurs to make their first startup a success," by funding a scholarship program for indie game developers.

Source: The Escapist

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