Capcom Revises FY Forecast Due to 'Special Loss' from Game Cancelations

April 18, 2013 -

Capcom is blaming development projects overseas for a revised financial forecast that takes into account a special loss due to game cancellations. The company said today that it will take a $73 million hit from cancelling various projects. The company also said that it will be making more of its games in-house due to a "drop in quality" from outsourcing projects to Western studios...

Capcom also said that it will "strengthen digital strategies" by creating and releasing more DLC and plans to align its development and marketing divisions to be more in sync with each other. The company says that there has been "insufficient coordination" overseas between the two divisions.

While noting the restructuring costs, Capcom still predicts a net profit for the fiscal year (which ended March 31) of around $29.5 million on strong sales from its Resident Evil 5 slot machine. The company said that DmC: Devil May Cry's units sold number will come in at around 1.15 million, and Resident Evil 6 at 4.9 million.

Source: Joystiq


Re: Capcom Revises FY Forecast Due to 'Special Loss' from ...

So you mean we won't get any more crappy Euro-Made CallOfDuty knock offs with Resident Evil? So far I don't know any quality Euro developer who was outsourced by a Japanese developer who made a quality game. Yeah I liked Silent Hill Shattered Memories but the running parts were the worst part of the game.

Re: Capcom Revises FY Forecast Due to 'Special Loss' from ...

Ya know you might have took in the the profit loss rather than a loss on no profit at all.......... IE stop wanting 5X profit on a game so you wont cancel it...

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