Microsoft Offers Incentives for Japanese Xbox 360 Players to Play More

Microsoft has announced a new incentive for Japan that will kick into high gear on April 20th. Xbox 360 owners in the region will get free Microsoft Points based on the collective amount of time that participants in the campaign use the console in Japan. To get those free points Japanese Xbox 360 players will hit the milestone of playing for 300,000 hours using the Xbox 360 to get 100 ($1.25) Microsoft Points for Xbox Live Gold subscribers and 10 Points for free members.

The other catch is that gamers will have to play one of 20 specific games that Microsoft has chosen in order for the "time played" number to be counted. If the region manages to hit the milestone of one million hours of gaming before June 19, then all Xbox Live Gold participants will be rewarded with 400 Microsoft Points ($5) and free members will get 30 Points.

Obviously 400 MS Points isn't all that big of a deal for anyone who knows what things costs on Xbox Live Marketplace, but it's good to see Microsoft trying to do something in a region where its console is not the most popular of systems compared Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii consoles…

Source: Siliconera by way of The Verge



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