Redbox’s David Asch Joins EMA Board

The Entertainment Merchants Association announced today that Redbox's David Asch has joined the EMA Board of Directors. Asch is senior vice president of content of Redbox, responsible for content strategy and acquisition.

Prior to joining Redbox, Asch was senior vice president of video, internet and content services for Frontier Communications, where he managed video distribution relationships with Dish Network and DirectTV. Prior to that, Asch worked as an executive vice president for In Demand Networks where he handled programming, digital media, strategic planning and business development initiatives. In this roles, Asch negotiated licensing agreements with movie studios, professional sports leagues, cable network programmers and live-event promoters.

Asch earned his masters of business administration from Harvard University and his bachelors from Stanford, where he was president of his senior class.

The EMA is a trade group representing retailers in the United States. The group often finds itself wading into issues that affect the entertainment and video game industry. It was the lead in the famous 2010 fight before the Supreme court in Brown v. EMA. Through its legal efforts the group helped set the precedent in that case that said that video games were protected speech under the U.S. Constitution. It also helped kill the law passed by California that would have fined retailers for selling mature games to minors.


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