Lulzsec Member Sentenced for Sony Pictures Website Hacking

Cody "Recursion" Kretsinger, the Lulzsec member who pled guilty last April for his part in hacking the Sony Pictures Entertainment website, has been sentenced to one year in jail, ordered to pay $605,663 in restitution, and perform 1,000 hours of community service.

In mid-2011, Anonymous offshoot Lulzsec claimed responsibility for hacking the Sony Pictures websites (among many other operations it was a part of). In September of that same year the FBI arrested Kretsinger in connection with the hack. In April 2012, Kretsinger pled guilty to charges of "conspiracy" and "unauthorized impairment of a protected computer."

This week a Central California District Judge in Los Angeles handed down his sentence, ordering that he serve "one year and one day in federal prison" followed by one-year period of house arrest, along with restitution and community service. The 25-year-old currently resides in Decatur, Illinois.

As part of his plea Kretsinger admitted to participating in a SQL injection attack that allowed him access to the Sony Pictures Entertainment site. He also admitted to stealing the personal information of thousands of people who had registered with the site.

Source: Ars Technica



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    Left4Dead says:

    Not a single PS3 owner will see a penny of that "restitution" money.  It all goes to Sony and the state.

    One other person should have been fined and jailed:  The Sony employee that claimed to be a programmer and wrote the code that allowed the hack to happen in the first place.  No sane programmer lets SQL injection attacks through a standard security audit of the code.  Send the message that programmers are responsible for the code they write!

    -- Left4Dead --

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