Philadelphia Skyscraper Becomes a Gigantic Game of Pong

Over the weekend, a Philadelphia skyscraper was transformed into the world’s largest video game by a Drexel University professor who used the building’s lighting system to display a working version of Pong.

The gigantic game of Pong was the creation of Drexel professor Frank Lee, who has spent the last five years working on the idea.

“The idea for the project came to me when I was driving down I-76,” said Lee, the cofounder of Drexel’s video game design program. “As the sun was going down, I saw the sparkly lights at the Cira Centre. In my mind, I saw Tetris shapes falling down. That was the genesis of trying to create a game using the Cira Centre lights.”

The game of Pong helped kick off Philly Tech Week, which gets underway in the city later this month. The creators of the Pong game are looking to host a gigantic-sized Pong tournament in the not too distant future.

You can learn more about Lee's work in the video to your left.

Source: GamesBeat


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