Poll Results: Quitting Games on Moral Grounds

Last week we asked you if you "have you ever stopped playing a video game on moral grounds?" The question was inspired by this story about a man who got a refund from Valve because he objected to a certain scene in the Steam version of BioShock Infinite involving a religious rite.

Thanks to the 677 people who voted in this poll. The majority of you – 60 percent (405 votes) – said that you have never stopped playing a game because it offended your beliefs. Twenty percent (137 votes) said "no, but there are games I refuse to play for moral reasons." Twelve percent (80 votes) admitted to quitting a game for moral reasons, seven percent (47 votes) said they have come close to quitting, and one percent (8 votes) said they had quit a game for moral reason but ultimately returned to it later.

The one game that made me almost stop playing was a PS2 title called Drakengard. There's a battle that involves killing giant babies. 'Nuff said.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! Look for a new poll shortly.



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