Brian Fargo: The Old Gatekeepers are Gone

The days of worrying about what mass consumers at big retailers like Wal-Mart think are over for his company, says inXile CEO Brian Fargo. After successfully funding two major role-playing game projects – Wasteland II and Torment: Tides of Numenera – on Kickstarter and through other payment methods, the gatekeepers are gone. Or more appropriately, the gatekeepers are now the players who actually want the kind of role-playing game that inXile wants to make and are willing to pay in advance to make it happen.

"We used to have to make changes to our content because of what the buyer at Wal-Mart said," Fargo tells GII. "Gatekeepers are out now. The gatekeeper and the audience are one and the same. Now that I have a symbiotic relationship through crowdfunding, my goals are exactly in sync with the customer giving me the money. We are on the same page; all we both want is a great game. When you get money from other people, you think that's obvious but it's not. They might have other agendas, which could be their shareholders, or making the quarter, maybe I'm competing with another product of theirs, they want to change it because of that. They often will have different perspectives on the audience."

You can catch the entire interview with Fargo on GamesIndustry International. He also talks about developing two major RPG projects at the same time, inXile's excellent relationship with Obsidian, and how both projects are so drastically different from each other. If you are interested in these games or crowdfunding, then this interview is worth a read.

Source: GII


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