Boston Festival of Indie Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Organizers of the Boston Festival of Indie Games announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the annual event dedicated to independently developed games by game developers in the Greater Boston Area. The event takes place September 14 at MIT's Stratton Student Center and Johnson Athletic Center. As part of its Kickstarter campaign, it is offering the Figgie Bundle (at the $25 tier reward level), which includes a number of games such as Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios, Go Home Dinosaurs by Fire Hose Games, Fish Listening to the Radio by Popcannibal, Lost Marbles by Binary Takeover, and a number of free titles such as Dejobaan's Easiest Game Ever by Dejobaan Games, and Moonlight – Mistress of Mischief by Lantana Games. If you are not interested in that tier, but want to back the event and get an attendee pass, you can opt for the $5 tier instead.

Following its 2012 event organizers realized that they needed a bigger venue for this year's events, so they decided to try a Kickstarter campaign to fund it:

"The success of our inaugural festival put us in a great position to expand BostonFIG in 2013. We are adding quite a bit of new fest content, such as live game music, tournaments, outdoor games and a children’s game room. We will be showing new movies and bringing back crowd favorites from last year. Everything at the festival will be within the same concentrated area, so no one misses out on our Game Art Gallery or Tabletop Game Room. We are making sure there is food service close by so no one goes hungry. We will have more talks and workshops that bring educational value to the festival. Most importantly, we will have the space necessary to host not only more games, but also more attendees, with a lot more room to walk around and have a great time!"

You can learn more about the event at here and can help fund it by visiting the event's Kickstarter campaign page.


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