Former BHG Developers Land at BioWare Montreal

April 26, 2013 -

It looks like several members of the team that worked on 38 Studios' under the Big Huge Games banner have made the trek to the Great White North (it's not white right now, of course) to work for BioWare Montreal and to work on the next Mass Effect title. This is according to the astute observations of the person known only as "Superannuation" in his or her latest feature over on Kotaku. According to that article, Colin Campbell will now serve as Mass Effect's lead level designer, while Ian Frazier will be lead gameplay designer.

The employees of Big Huge Games haven't had the greatest time in the last couple of years; after 38 Studios - who bought them in - went bankrupt, the team at Big Huge Games was left in limbo. Epic Games came along and created a new studio called Impossible Studios. That didn't last long as the game it was working on Infinity Blade: Dungeons was put on hold.

This news serves as a few rays of sunshine for these developers who have had way too many underserved days of stormy weather. We wish them good luck at their new employ.

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Re: Former BHG Developers Land at BioWare Montreal

I wish them luck too.  But I doubt that EA treats its employees much better than it treats its customers, so I'm not expecting much luck.


"There is no BioWare, there is only EA"


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