Microwarriors: The Battle Within Promotes the Use of Probiotics

Los Angeles-based Health Points Productions believes that people need to know more about probiotics, so the company has developed a game promoting education about the science of it all and the use of it in a game called "Microwarriors: The Battle Within."

Releasing this spring, Microwarriors: The Battle Within is described by Health Points Productions as "the first video game dedicated to educating, entertaining, and exciting players about the importance of probiotics in overall health and well-being." The company created the game because it found that "few people are aware of their role in overall state of health."

For a limited time, if you go to the official website for the game and sign up you can get it for free. Find out more at www.microwarriorsvideogame.com.

If you are interested in learning more about probiotics, you could visit Wikipedia to get an overall general idea of what it all means, or you could be like your mom and visit WebMD… Also the Mayo Clinic offers some advice on the need for probiotics here.


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