Poll Results: How Long Did Your Lengthiest Gaming Marathon Last?

April 29, 2013 -

Last week we asked you, How long did your lengthiest gaming marathon last? The results are in and of the 416 votes casts, the majority of you said that you spent 10 hours or more playing a single game.

Around 49 percent (205 votes) said you spent more than ten hours playing a single game in your last gaming marathon gaming session. Around 23 percent (97 votes) of you are hardcore, saying that you spent more than 24 hours playing a single game, while 22 percent (91 votes) said they spent 5 to 10 hours playing a game. Five percent (19 votes) said 2 - 5 hours, and one percent (4 votes) said less than two hours.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Look for a new poll shortly.


Re: Poll Results: How Long Did Your Lengthiest Gaming ...

Longest I had was 8 hours on FF11 though calling it a marathon is not really accurate as I only did one thing every hour. Stupid Chocobo license quest.

Re: Poll Results: How Long Did Your Lengthiest Gaming ...

Depends on your definition of "game".  Video game, definitely > 10 hours but < 24.  On the other hand, I've played in various instances of The Game (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_(treasure_hunt)) and that definitely lands in the > 24 hour range.  :)

Re: Poll Results: How Long Did Your Lengthiest Gaming ...

Aw man.  I missed that poll.  I think the record for me, without any breaks, was 12 hours.  It was a co-op RTS game against two cheating computer opponents on a custom map that my friend built.  We started playing around 6 p.m. one evening - eager to try the new map.  The A.I. was kicking both our butts with waves upon waves of attacks.  We beat the computer back repeatedly but only just before the next wave came in.  My friend eventually left the game to go get some sleep.  I figured I'd get pwned shortly after that.  However, I ended up continuing to play for another eight hours to finally gain sweet, sweet victory.  It was the longest single round of a RTS that I've ever played.  But it was also a very memorable experience.

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Re: Poll Results: How Long Did Your Lengthiest Gaming ...

Please tell me the RTS was Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance! =D


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