Bitsquid Secures Vinnova Research Funding from Swedish Government

Swedish game engine software developer Bitsquid announced this morning that it has received Vinnova research funding from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

Bitsquid received funding for a project related to "Real-Time Visualization of film in video-gaming." The company said that the money will be used to research and develop a tool for producing movies in the Bitsquid game engine that is capable of allowing "camera positioning, cutting, animation, lighting and other techniques typically used in high quality movie production." More importantly, the technology will attempt to speed up the process of rendering, which is a major slowdown in production currently. It will also open up markets for Bitsquid, according the company's CEO.

"The faster rendering allows movies to be made cheaper and in a more iterative and dynamic way, as cameras, lights and animations can be repositioned and tweaked without having to spend days or weeks to see the result,"  says Bitsquid CEO Johan Strömberg. "This leads to huge cost savings for Bitsquid’s established customer base and also opens up new markets in the movie- and real estate sales industry."

For more information on Bitsquid's middleware technology, check out


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