PA Senate Resolution 6 Seeks to Study Violent Media in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

Daniel Greenberg passed along this little gem that flew under the radar earlier in the year – a resolution introduced to the Pennsylvania General Assembly (Resolution 6) that would direct the Joint State Government Commission to study "the issue of violence prevention, to establish an advisory committee to conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the underlying causes of violent crime, including mass shootings, and to report to the Senate with its findings and recommendations."

According to later text in that resolution introduced by PA State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf (R), the study would include "mental illness and mental health treatment, keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, school security, bullying, gang- related activity, educational issues and cultural influences, including violent video games…"

The advisory committee to be created would include "25 members consisting of public officials and experts on the issue of violent crime." It would report its findings and recommendations no later than December 31, 2013.

You can read the entire resolution here.

In a memo to the Senate dated December 27, 2012, Greenleaf explained that this bill resolution was a rework of Resolution 8 from the last session, but refined to include more and to deliver its findings sooner:

Many of you have been circulating cosponsorship memos for legislation that further restricts access to firearms. These proposals are understandable given the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and other mass shootings in recent months and years. However, it is my belief that further regulation of firearms is only part of the issue. Firearms are not the cause of violence; they are the instrument that is used. Ironically Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation but those laws did not prevent the Sandy Hook school tragedy.


I am revising Senate Resolution 8 so that when it is reintroduced it will establish a Task Force on the Prevention of Violence to study the underlying causes of mass shootings and other violent crimes. There are some common themes in many of these cases; mental illness and a history of being bullied are often involved. So, in addition to looking at the gun regulation proposals that are being introduced, I believe that we must look at proposals to strengthen our mental health laws so that people receive treatment before they commit criminal acts and we must see if there is more that we can do to combat bullying including cyberbullying.

You can read that here.


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