Social Casino Summit Debate – Part One

GamesBeat has a partial edited transcript of a discussion that happened during the Social Casino Summit in San Francisco last week. The event was hosted by GamesBeat and Dean Takahashi. In the lead-up to the discussion Takahashi, who moderated it, notes that the social casino games sector may be small, but there are already more than 100 startups and big companies fighting with each other in the space.

He also notes that the two different sectors of this space – those who use virtual currency and those who allow people to use real money – are headed for a collision course.

Panelists in this debate included Josh Grant, head of business development at RockYou; Jill Schneiderman, the vice president of games for Social Gaming Network (SGN); Charles Harper, the vice president of business development for IGT’s DoubleDown Casino; Jez San, the founder of PKR; Sumit Gupta, the chief executive officer of Bash Gaming; and Raf Keustermans, CEO of London-based Plumbee.

You can read part one of the debate here.

One thing the companies that want to use real money in online games will have to deal with is the complaints about gambling addiction online…


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