AMC’s Breaking Bad as a LEGO Video Game

Here's something you won't see every day: a video showing what a LEGO game version of AMC's hit series about making meth – Breaking Bad – might look like. The parody video created by animator Brian Anderson mixes the popular show's plot and characters with the humor of a LEGO video game with amusing results. On the YouTube page for his video, Anderson offers the following disclaimer:

"I have no affiliation with Traveller's Tales, Lego, or AMC. I'm just a huge fan of the stuff they make," Anderson explained. "But seriously, if they all got together and made this game, for real, I'd buy it and play the crap out of it."

One thing you won't see in the video is Walter White and Jessie Pinkman actually cooking meth in the trailer because Anderson was afraid that such a scene would lead to the video getting pulled from YouTube.

Watch it to your left. Obviously if you haven't watched the show, the video might contain some spoilers….


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