Four Programs Just For Aspiring Female Programmers

Four coding schools just for young girls and women are trying to change the number of females that program (and give girls more STEM-focused educational opportunities) in the United States – as highlighted in this ReadWriteWeb feature. The start-ups catering to women and girls aspiring to learn how to code include Girl Develop It, Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code, and Girls Learning Code/Ladies Learning Code.

Girl Develop It has been around for about two years and has chapters in 16 cities in America, Canada, and Australia. Founded by Sara Chipps, the program is for women only and offers a casual learning environment with a low price for admission.

Founded by Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code aims to bring more African American women into the field or programming. She created the program in honor of her daughter Kai after realizing over the years that she was often one of only a few black females attending a variety of tech events.

Black Girls Code is aimed at African American girls ages seven to 17. It was launched last July in San Francisco, but the nonprofit has expanded in less than a year into seven American cities thanks to the help of several hundred volunteers.

Founded by Reshma Saujan, Girls Who Code is teaches girls 13 to 17 how to code and to inspire them to enter the tech sector. Girls Who Code is about to begin its second summer program expanding to programs in five cities.

Finally Girls Learning Code/Ladies Learning Code is a Toronto-based nonprofit encourages women and girls to collaborate on learning technical skills. All of the courses offered are at the introductory level in a variety of different programming languages.

You can find links to all of these programs below. Hopefully more programs like this in the United States can help to close the gender gap when it comes to programming in America.

– Girls Who Code:

– Girl Develop It:

– Black Girls Code:

– Girls Learning Code:

– Ladies Learning Code:

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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