My Carnival Aims to Help Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Accessibility advisor AccessAble Games is looking to raise $40,000 via Start Some Good for a Spanish and English language game called My Carnival that helps children with cystic fibrosis maximize their pulmonary functions.

According to the campaign page for My Carnival, "the goal of the project is to create a video game that children with cystic fibrosis can play at home as much as they like, supplementing their daily physical therapy with a more enjoyable activity." Ultimately by improving their pulmonary functions, children with the disease will be able to improve their quality of life. The game will be available for Windows and will be published online for free. It is meant for children with the disease that are ages 3 – 6 and the game is controlled via a standard PC microphone, which are relatively cheap.

If you want to help fund this game, check out this page and be sure to check out the video to your left for even more information.

My Carnival is not the first game AccessAble Games has worked on: the company has helped bring to life The Last Door (a game for people with dyslexia), iSEQUENCES for children with autism or special needs, Slalom, The Videogame for people with cerebral palsy, Attractor (which offers lots of accessibility options for those with disabilities), Iredia (a game about hearing impairments), Spin Man (which can be played by the blind), and My Green City (which offers a variety of accessibility options).


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