Accidently Racist: Indie Studio Changes Name of ‘Raccoons in Space’ Game

Nnnnice Games, an independent studio operating out of the Netherlands named its "raccoons in space" game "Starcoons," not knowing that the term is considered by some as a racist term. After learning that the title of its game might be offensive to African Americans and people of color, the studio decided that it had to change the name of its game. Starcoons will now be known as Curio's Starquest, the developer announced. The studio also said that it was unaware of the possible cultural issues associated with the game's original title.

"The reason for this change of the title is that we acknowledge the fact that our former title might raise some eyebrows about the use of the word 'coon' of which we missed the controversial meaning due to cultural differences," reads a statement from the studio. "We hope that with this new title, the game will still get the support it deserves, as Curio would be most happy to bring joy in the lives of gamers all over the world."

A new website for the game will be unveiled soon, under the title Curio's Starquest.

Nnnice Games is is a very indie studio made up of students from the Utrecht School of Arts and Technology in the Netherlands. The studio is supervised by industry professionals from such companies as Vlambeer and Ostrich Banditos.

Look for more information on the game to appear at some point at

Starcoons was not the best name in the world anyway, so this minor accidental controversy has probably helped them in the long run.

Source: Polygon

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Probably because a lot of the people who get offended by this kind of nonsense tend to go on the offensive immediately and jump down someone's throat for even the most innocuous thing.  That will make most people get defensive.

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    Neeneko says:

    I tend to like seeing this kind of response.

    They choose a name based off their cultural background, someone pointed out that outside their culture there is a problem with the name choice that they were not aware of, they listened, and rather the dig in with some kind of 'well, that is not our culture, why should we care?', they found another thing to call it.

    All too often I see normally good people who inadvertently do something offensive getting really defensive over the issue and take it out on the people who were offended. 

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    Longjocks says:

    Oops. People are offended again. Not at something that's actually racist though. It's funny how one culture finds a word offensive and another doesn't. It illustrates very well that people let words themselves control their behaviours rather than the context of the words. Starcoons is obviously in the context of raccoons in space, which anyone could see beyond just glancing at the word "Starcoon" and choosing to be offended. It's not even "Accidentally Racist"; there is zero racism here.

    For the record, I live in Australia where coon is indeed a racist term. If I go up to an indigenous person and call them a coon I am being racist AND I'd deserve the criticism (or the beating) that I'd get. Similarly, if I created a game called Starcoons which was about aboriginals in space, I'd  deserve criticism.

    But we're talking about raccoons, people. R-a-c-c-o-o-n-s.

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