Internet Meme Creators Sue Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Interactive is no stranger to the fighting battles about trademarks and copyrights in courts, but a case filed by two Internet meme creators has the industry giant in a role reversal. According to this NeoGAF thread Charles "Keyboard" Schmidt (Keyboard Cat meme) and Christopher "Nyan" Orlando Torres (Nyan Cat meme) filed a lawsuit against publisher Warner Bros. and developer 5th Cell for "shamelessly" using their copyrighted Internet memes in the game Scribblenauts Unlimited without their consent, permission and without proper compensation. The plaintiffs claim willful and intentional copyright infringement, and seeks treble damages.

One of the challenges for the plaintiffs in the case is that the alleged infringements occurred in 2009, but trademarks were filed in 2010.

You can read the court documents related to the case here.

Editor's Note: Orlando Torres says via his Tumblr page that the dates are wrong on a couple of  reports (which includes ours): "'Nyan Cat' was a valid copyright as of April 2011, and Scribblenauts unlimited wasn’t released until late last year (2012)," he writes.

Source: Destructoid

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