NPD: 72 Percent of Gamers Playing Online

According to data collected from a consumer survey conducted by research firm NPD Group, 72 percent of those who play games say that they do so online. The data comes from NPD Group's Online Gaming 2013 report, which surveyed 8,800 self-described gamers earlier in the year about their preferences and gaming habits.

That 72 percent is up from the 67 percent who responded the same way in last year's report. Respondents also said that they are gaming more, with the average weekly time spent playing online up 6 percent. The boost in overall gaming time per week was 9 percent. NPD says that this increase in online gaming was seen across "virtually every type of device." Naturally, the PC remains the most popular choice for online gaming, with 68 percent of the respondents using that platform.

That number is down slightly from 72 percent last year. Mobile devices saw a double-digit percentage point increase for the year, with 56 percent of respondents saying they use a mobile device to game online. Digital distribution also continues to see a modest increase in popularity as 62 percent of players say they prefer to buy physical games, down from 65 percent last year.

Source: GII

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