Zynga.org Donates $1 Million to ‘Ed Tech’ Accelerator

Zynga.org, Zynga's non-profit dedicated to using social games to promote good, announced a partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund, a venture philanthropy that supports education entrepreneurs to transform public education. Together they will create a new "ed tech" accelerator focused on "enhancing the quality and reach of learning games and apps designed to improve education outcomes."

In addition to encouraging its employees to volunteer and collaborate with other organizations and companies participating in the accelerator Zynga.org has agreed to commit $1 million in funding for the accelerator's first year.

"We're excited about the learning potential of games," said Ken Weber, Executive Director, Zynga.org. "Through the efforts of Zynga.org, we've shown that social games can impact peoples' lives for the better, and we're honored to collaborate with NewSchools, a proven leader in the education technology space, on this accelerator. We want to help entrepreneurs create high quality, scalable learning games that will enhance learning experiences for all 21st century students."

You can learn more about the accelerator here.


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