Sony Korea Restricts PSN to 18+

Last July South Korea began enforcing a law that would keep teens under the age of 16 from playing games during a six hour block at night. The law was dubbed the "Shutdown Law" and promised strict enforcement and punishment for places where teens go to play online whether that be a cyber cafe or using online services such as the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

The bad news for gamers is that Sony Entertainment Korea is complying with the law in a way that affects anyone under the age of 18. After taking down its online service to comply with the law last year, Sony kept the service offline for a very long time.

Today the company announced that the Sony Entertainment Network will be available again soon for South Korean players, but it also noted that anyone under the age of 18 cannot use the service anymore. Basically if you want to use PSN, you'll need a credit card to verify your age.

On the plus side, those who had a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account prior to last year's take down of the service are receiving an extra thirty days of PlayStation Plus once PSN goes live again in South Korea on May 16.

Source: Kotaku by way of Cheater87


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