Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Metropoly

Indie developer Archimadness seeks $30,000 to fund its social city building game Metropoly via Kickstarter. The developer describes the game as a mix of games its members grew up playing in the 80's including board games like The Game of Life and Monopoly mixed with elements from the classic Sierra game Jones in the Fast Lane, and a dash of The Sims.

In the game players join a city and try to build a successful life. Players start out with character points that they can distribute amongst various traits. Every trait has an effect on how your character is in the world. For example, if your character has a lot of points on intelligence he or she will have an easier time taking a test at the local college…

Archimadness claims that it has been working on the game for about a year and are inching towards a full-functioning beta. What the Kickstarter will enable them to do is spend a few extra months of development time to add social features and further polish the gameplay:

"With your help, we will be able to complete our beta, add these exciting features to the town, and establish a community of early-adopters (that’s you!) that are invested in the game, enjoying some benefits, and even suggesting more features and ideas."

You can learn more about the game from its Kickstarter page and you should check out the pitch video to your left….


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