Project Awakened Private Funding Shut Down

May 7, 2013 -

Phosphor Games has decided to put its ongoing bid to fund its super hero themed open world game Project Awakened on hold for the time being. The developer started the private funding initiative after it came close to funding the game via Kickstarter. Though that campaign failed, the developer noticed that thousands of gamers backed the project and decided to try again via its web site for the game.

According to an e-mail sent to Polygon from Phosphor Games CEO Justin Corcoran, the private funding campaign was the company's backup plan if the Kickstarter ultimately failed. It did.

"We said at the start that we only had until the beginning of May to decide to either put a team on Project Awakened if it was funded, or something else that would provide revenue for the studio," he told Polygon.

"We were winding down on the private campaign and not looking close to making it, the decision had to be made to get people working on other stuff that was waiting, and the alternative funding discussions were going to need a long time to see through. So, with all that combined, we decided to close down the campaign and get everyone back their money."

Corcoran went on to say that the game now has thousands of supporters and may have some investors willing to fund development. The team also received feedback concerning additional features for the game, which it appreciates.

For now Project Awakened will remain asleep until the company can find the funding it needs to carry on with the ambitious project.

Source: Polygon by way of GameSpot



Re: Project Awakened Private Funding Shut Down

I am disappoint.  :(  I did get my money back though, so they haven't just absconded with people's dough (or at least not mine).

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