Three Former NIS America Employees Form New Company

Three former Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) America employees have struck out on their own to create a new independent and digital content publishing company located in Los Angeles called Acttil. The name is an acronym for "acceptance +creativity +teamwork +trust +innovation +love." The studio features the talents of long-time and now former NIS America employees Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi, and Nao Miyazawa.

While at NIS America Jack Niida served as the head of PR, later on moving in to the role of producer. Hiroko Kanazashi is the former VP of NIS America's production department, and Nao Miyazawa served in the PR department for many years. All three have a lot of expertise in localizing and preparing games from Japan for release in Western markets.

The new company will focus on "bringing fun, creative games and digital contents such as eBooks from around the world that will target PC, consoles, web, and mobile platforms."

"We are optimistic with the current digital content environment. It is quite promising for independent developers and we would love to work closely with them and help achieve their goals," says Jack Niida founding member of acttil, LLC.

Acttil's goal is to provide a variety of services to developers including publishing, marketing expertise, analytics, monetization strategies, game feedback, promotional/sales plans and localization services such as translation, editing, package design, and advertisement design.

The company promises some big announcements in the future. We wish all three the best of luck in their new endeavor.


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